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Electronic Systems Trouble Codes for Toyota and Lexus part 7

Part 7

P1668 VSV for AICV Circuit Malfunction

P1690 OCV For VVTL Circuit Malfunction (Bank 1)

P1692 OCV For VVTL Open Malfunction (Bank 1)

P1693 OCV For VVTL Close Malfunction (Bank 1)

P1695 OCV For VVTL Circuit Malfunction (Bank 2)

P1697 OCV For VVTL Open Malfunction (Bank 2)

P1698 OCV For VVTL Close Malfunction (Bank 2)

P1700 Speed Sensor No.2 Malfunction

P1705 NC2 (Direct Clutch Speed Sensor) Revolution Sensor Circuit malfunction or Direct Clutch Speed

Sensor Output is 300 RPM or less with Vehicle at 20 MPH or more & with Park/Neutral Position

Switch Off

P1710 Steering Sensor Circuit Malfunction

P1715 Rear Wheel Sensor Circuit Malfunction

P1720 DC Clutch Forced Release Circuit Malfunction

P1725 NT Revolution Sensor or Input Turbine Speed Sensor Circuit Malfunction

P1730 NC Revolution Sensor Circuit Malfunction or Counter Gear Speed Sensor Circuit Fault

P1735 Right Front Speed Sensor Circuit Malfunction

P1740 Left Front Speed Sensor Circuit Malfunction

P1745 Transmission Fluid Temperature Sensor No.2 Circuit Malfunction

P1753 Shift Solenoid No.4 Circuit Malfunction

P1755 Linear Solenoid for Lock Up Ctrl Circ. Malfunction

P1760 Linear Solenoid for Line Pressure Control Circuit Malfunction or Shift Solenoid Valve SLT Fault or

Linear Solenoid for Lock-Up Control Circuit Malfunction

P1765 Linear Solenoid 24 for Accumulator Pressure Control Circuit Malfunction (Shift Solenoid Valve “SLN”

malfunction) or with Engine Warm, Current Flow to Shift Solenoid Valve “SLN” is 0.2 Amp or less

for One Second with Engine at 500 RPM or more, or with Park/Neutral Position Switch Off

P1770 Deferential Lock Solenoid No.1 Circuit Malfunction

P1775 Deferential Lock Solenoid No.2 Circuit Malfunction

P1780 Park/Neutral Position (PNP) Switch malfunction (A/T only)

P1782 Transfer L4 SW Circuit Malfunction

P1783 Transfer N SW Circuit Malfunction

P1785 Auto Clutch System Malfunction

P1790 ST Solenoid (Shift solenoid valve ST) Circuit Malfunction

P1793 Shift Solenoid ST Circuit Malfunction

P1800 Automatic Transmission Operation Circuit Malfunction

P1805 Communication (between EFI ECU and Transmission ECU) Circuit Malfunction

P1810 Communication for Torque Control Circuit Malfunction

P1820 NIN Sensor Circuit Malfunction

P1825 NOUT Sensor Circuit Malfunction

P1845 PTO Sensor Circuit Malfunction

P1885 SLS Circuit Malfunction

P1888 SLS Circuit Malfunction

P1890 SLC Circuit Malfunction

P1891 SLC Circuit Malfunction

P1895 DSU Circuit Malfunction

25P2102, 2103

10P2111, 2112


P2195 Oxygen Sensor Signal Stuck Lean (Bank 1 Sensor 1) – Cor ‘04

24 on A-541E A 4th solenoid (SLN solenoid) is used to control hydraulic pressure acting on accumulator

control valve to assist in smooth shifting.

25 TSB FG002-03, EG012-02 (10001354-6134)

DTC on Toyota / Lexus from Global-data workshop manuals (www.global-data.co.uk/)

Note: Not all trouble codes are used on all models


P2196 Oxygen Sensor Signal Stuck Rich (Bank 1 Sensor 1) – Cor ‘04

P2716 Pressure Control Solenoid “D” Electrical (Shift Solenoid Valve SLT) - Cor ‘04

P2769 Torque Converter Clutch Solenoid Circuit Low (Shift Solenoid Valve SL) – Cor ‘04

P2770 Torque Converter Clutch Solenoid Circuit High (Shift Solenoid Valve SL) - Cor ‘04

P3000 HV Battery Malfunction

P3001 26 Battery ECU malfunction

P3002 HV ECU communication malfunction

P3004 Power Cable Malfunction

P3005 High voltage fuse snapped [sic] 27

P3006 Battery SOC are uneven 28

P3009 Leak detected 29 (Electric leak from high–voltage system)

P3010 Battery total resistance malfunction

P3011 to P3029 Battery block malfunction 30

P3030 Battery voltage detective line snapped [sic] 31

P3060 Battery temperature sensor circuit malfunction

P3076 Abnormal air flow by battery cooling fan

P3077 Battery cooling fan motor circuit malfunction

P3100 HV ECU Malfunction

P3101 Engine System Malfunction

P3105 Battery ECU Communication Circuit Malfunction

P3106 ECM Communication Circuit Malfunction

P3107 Airbag ECU Communication Circuit Malfunction

P3108 A/C Amplifier Communication Circuit Malfunction

P3109 32 Brake ECU Communication Circuit Malfunction

P3110 IGCT relay is always closed

P3115 33 HV battery current sensor malfunction

P3115 System Main Relay Malfunction

P3120 HV Transaxle Malfunction

P3125 34 Converter & Inverter Assembly Malfunction

P3130 Inverter Cooling System Malfunction

P3135 Circuit Breaker Sensor Malfunction

P3140 Interlock Malfunction

P3145 Vehicle Speed Sensor Circuit Malfunction

P3190 35 Poor Engine Power (Pri)

P3191 Engine does not start (Pri)

Last modif. 1/15/05


26 Hybrids Vehicles

27 Presumably P3005 would also be recorded if an attempt was made to start up with the service plug

removed, as the high voltage fuse is physically located inside the plug.

28 P3006 - not too sure about this, but criterion appears to be maximum permitted difference between

highest block voltage and lowest block voltage at any instant (not including transients) is 1.2 volts.

29 P3009 - "Leak detected", meaning a current leakage path the high voltage circuitry to the chassis has been

detected. Trigger level not known, but the criterion for manual testing is insulation resistance not less than

10M ohms when tested at 500V DC.

30 The traction battery consists of 38 physical modules, each containing 6 cells. For the purposes of

monitoring by the battery ECU, modules are paired into 19 "blocks". DTCs P3011 to P3029 appear to

indicate the "malfunction" of a particular block, although what "malfunction" means is not clear.

31 P3030 - presumably means open circuit of one of the twenty voltage sense lines which are connected to

the cell string at the ends and between each block.

32 TSB EG002_01

33 TSB EG009_01

34 TSB E021-02

35 TSB FG002-03, EG012-02 (10001354-6134)


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